Yukon official bird- the common raven
Yukon official flower--Fireweed
What makes Yukon unique:
-Yukon is the smallest of the three territories
-Highest mountain in Canada is in Yukon (Mt Logan)
- Yukon has three of the 42 National Parks in Canada
- Mining accounts for more than 30% of the economy -gold, zinc and lead
-Alaska Highway goes through Yukon
Some more interesting facts:
-The Yukon Quest is known as one of the toughest dogsled races in the world. It runs more than one thousand miles between Fairbanks, Alaska and Whitehorse, Yukon
-The word Yukon comes from the native word "Yu-kun-ah", meaning great river
-Some of  the other communities are:Dawson City ,Haines Junction, Mayo,Carmacks, Carcross 
- Yukon was the second territory that was "created" in Canada
Other facts:
 -Territory flower: the fireweed
-Territory bird: the Common Raven
-Territory tree:   Sub-alpine fir
- Yukon is from the native word ("Yu-kun-ah") meaning great river
- About 33,294 people live there as of 2008
- About 75% live in the capital (Whitehorse)
Yukon official tree- sub-alpine fir