In Whitehorse, there are many tourist attractions. They include:
M.V. Schwatka - Yukon River Cruise
A two hour river cruise along Miles Canyon past the Klondike Gold Rush site.
The Yukon Wildlife Preserve
This attraction shows off the ten major species of Northwest mammals: Moose, Muskoxen, Mountain Goats, Wood Bison, Mule Deer, Woodland Caribou, Elk, Lynx and two species of Thinhorn Sheep; Dall's and Stone's Sheep, all in their natural environment.
Worlds Largest Weather Vane
An airplane in a Whitehorse airport is mounted so perfectly that the slightest wind will make it move.
The S.S. Klondike
One of the biggest steamwheelers to ride the Yukon River has been restored opened as a museam.

Some well-known festivals (some a little crazy, I'll admit):
The Great Klondike International Outhouse Race
A scavenger hunt held in September with teams competing in dressed up outhouses through the streets of Dawson City.
The Fireweed Festival
A festival held in August. Annual event to celebrate the art of the, well, fireweed.
Frostbite Music Festival
Celebration of the Swans

Would I want to go there? Or somewhere there?
Well, if I could go there during the summer months, I think I would. I'd definetly check out Whitehorse and Dawson City. The Fireweed Festival would also something I would be interested in, and the Outhouse Races would be something I'd like to see fromt the outside. ;-)
Yukon Territory flag